Redwood City, CA


Founded in 2008 by Aki and Koji Kanematsu, Onigilly is a healthy fast-casual eatery featuring onigiri, Japanese gourmet rice balls.

Onigiri is a handy food, so it's portable and easy to eat, especially when you are busy. Even samurai used to carry onigiri when they went to war. It's perfect!
Koji KanematsuCEO and Co-Founder

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Chicken Karaage Onigri, Edamame Onigilly, Wakame Salad Set, Zosui Rice Soup—just a few of Onigilly’s popular items ready to order on DoorDash.

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“Before we started, people couldn’t get onigiri. Now, some come almost every day. People have the option to eat anything, but they choose Onigilly. When I see our guests eating Onigilly, that’s the most rewarding part for me.”