Evanston, IL


NaKorn is an authentic Thai food eatery.

Founders Sam Rattanopas and Mina Sudsaard of NaKorn (“metropolitan” in Thai) fuse traditional, old-world recipes with a distinctly modern presentation.

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Roasted Curry Chicken, Crab Cake Bites, and House Made Pandan Tapioca Pearl Crackers—just a few of NaKorn’s most popular items ready for you to order on DoorDash.

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I want to represent my heritage, my country. I want people to say, ‘Let's go to NaKorn because they have good food,’ or ‘I want to bring my date here because the restaurant is pretty.’
Sam RattanopasCo-owner

“When I go to a French restaurant, I see the way they present the food on the plate. I think we can do that with Thai food. Asian food is not just stir-fry.”