Think globally, eat locally

Journey with immigrant entrepreneurs as they enrich our communities with diverse culinary traditions.

This month, we celebrate Kitchens Without Borders restaurants. Hear stories of how these food businesses keep their cultural traditions alive.

We’re the only Jamaican-Caribbean restaurant within a 100-mile radius. I have people that come from an hour away. 

I keep family traditions alive with cooking, music, and a big meal that brings family together on Sundays.

The dancing, the hospitality, and the way we cook at Havana Carolina is the same as how we'd do it in Cuba.

We decided to move to the US in 2015. My parents came looking for a better life and a better future. We wanted to enjoy freedom and be able to follow our dreams without restrictions.

The whole is greater than the one.

India is a land of many cultural nuances and traditions. The one we continue to carry with us and share with our daughters is the value of family, friends and connectedness. The whole is greater than the one.

Food brings people together and back home I've shared so many wonderful memories with friends and family over a delicious meal. This is what I hope to bring to my customers.

I owe my cooking expertise to my mother.

My mother would host dinners at her home for upwards of 50 people, single handedly preparing the meals from days before and executing a feast to be remembered.

As a recipient of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), I have been so grateful for the opportunities it has created. The program allowed me to open my own business, support my family, and create a life out of the shadows.
Abraham Ponce DelgadilloLa Tapatia | Roseville, MN

Our Bun Bo Hue is our most popular noodle soup and we make it from scratch just like it's made back in the homeland.

When we first came to America, the language barrier was a hurdle but once we started going to school and working, we assimilated quickly, while still retaining our Vietnamese culture and identity. We still celebrate traditional Vietnamese holidays and of course cook authentic Vietnamese dishes.

We love celebrating life and living with colors.

It's the child's first birthday, we celebrate it and invite everyone. The child just finished elementary school? Celebrate it! They lost their first tooth? Celebrate it! Basically, anything to get the entire family together at someone's house. We have a great sense of culture and community.

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