San Francisco, CA


Executive chef Heena Patel uses fresh Californian ingredients to recreate the home-cooked Indian dishes taught to her by the Gujarati women of her childhood.

Besharam means ‘shameless.’ I am kicking off the stereotype of Gujarati women—and to everyone who said I could not do it, with Besharam, I’m saying, I can do it.
Heena PatelExecutive Chef

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Fish Moilee, Drunken Pani Puris, Besharam Snack Mix with Crispy Corn Flakes—just a few of Besharam’s wildly popular items that are ready for you to order on DoorDash.

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“I left India in 1987, but I was not afraid of work. I wanted that American dream. It took me 20 years to have my citizenship. But I was proud of myself.”