Newark, CA

Afghan Village Restaurant

Afghan Village Restaurant features an abundance of authentic, family-style Middle Eastern dishes that bring families and communities together.

All ethnicities come here—I have been able to introduce my culture and food to non-Afghans and that by itself feels like a good accomplishment.
Safi HaidaryCo-owner and Manager

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Leek and potato-filled Bolani, Lamb Chop Kababs, and Kadoo Borani—just a few of Afghan Village’s most popular items are ready for you to order on DoorDash.

Availability dependent on your location relative to delivery radius.

“Back home and at the restaurant, bolani bread is very famous. Not the food—it’s making bolani. Women and men sit together to cut the leek, boil the potato, peel and then shred it—everybody sits together and they make bolani.”