Kitchens Without Borders spotlights the human stories of immigrant and refugee business owners, fostering deeper connections to the people making the food we enjoy every day.

Restaurants have long embodied the American dream and immigrants play a vital role, owning nearly one-third of businesses in the industry.*

Since the company’s founding in 2013, DoorDash’s mission of Delivering Good has created opportunities for restaurant owners of all backgrounds, fueling the growth of hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Kitchens Without Borders continues this mission, cultivating a more sustainable and inclusive food economy by shining a spotlight on historically under-resourced food entrepreneurs.

By sharing their stories—the challenges they’ve navigated and their determination to succeed—Kitchens Without Borders aims to energize and inspire people to support these small businesses.

* Source: National Restaurant Association. (2017). Demographic trends illustrate importance of foreign-born workers.
My mom ran a Chinese restaurant with the purpose of creating a better life and fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. DoorDash was founded for people like my mom—people who came here with a dream to make it on their own.
Tony XuDoorDash CEO and Co-Founder